Split With Seven Sisters Of Sleep

by Children Of God



released November 30, 2011



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Track Name: De(i)solate
The only closure you and I get is that final nail on the coffin I want to see you try and tell your self it's all part of the plan the choke ends you worship the gods that you see they never cared (they're fleeting) and as you fought they walked while you paid in blood on their bleeding scales I hope you knew that we knew from the start that those closed doors were see-through that we fucking knew we rise from ashes were born from the bastards that breed we die in dirt we give their death decree and we rise from graves
Track Name: Bled Dry
There's nowhere these secret lives can ever hide you. They'll til your fields of rape and slaughter. There's nothing those secret lives can make you see before they cut your heart open to breathe. You and yours, it's what it comes down to and your life that fell short of their program. It ended with that hole in your chest and your heart in your hands. These are your sons, these are your fathers dying in the desert sands. You were part of their plan.