We Set Fire To The Sky

by Children Of God

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released January 8, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Destroy Belief
Wake and give way to new life. Thoughts uncoil your world.
Exiled to a place where truth deceives. Cast stones to the clouds. The answers lie in the ground.
Track Name: Awaken
Burn; world. Your flames will guide the way. Burn; world. Set fire to belief.
Track Name: Unrelenting Storm
A storm devours us all. It infects our lives. It crashes against our will, unrelenting. They sense our fears. They read our minds. The flameless hearts that bleed out will drown the walls. They watch. They listen. They watch as their kingdom falls. The roads lead nowhere. The heavens are illusions and we want revenge. Destroy. Destroy, unrelenting.
Track Name: Offer
All that is, all that was, I lay down to this world that beats my flesh. It's shell will heal. God with lies, I pray to you now. Giver of love, giver of life. They claw at my skin and when I speak my pain is not lessened. They strike me down. They live inside. They're from inside. All my gods fell before me.
Track Name: to the Sky (I)
When it all breaks down, see your sky crash down. Pick the pieces from flesh, your wounds bleed out. Your world built on hope comes to an end. Your shell left hollow, your fears cut in your arms, their fears in our eyes.
Track Name: to the Sky (II)
I stand before the illusion of heaven. Cast stones to the sky, where saints kneel for direction and we burn it all down.
Track Name: Where Do They Go?
Choked by hands of god and the snakes of time. We watch as those who seethe bleed the soil dry. They answer your prayers and they take your life. They form in our dreams, they are all of us. And who will be put to rest when the time comes? Where will the bodies lie? When the earth is dry? Where will your preachers lie when it's their time? Directions bleed to one under the dying sun and with the ground we are one.
Track Name: Unknown
All that is, your words were etched in our skin. Guiding light, I have visions of the end. I am a product of sin, I come from within, I am your burning son (there is no other one) I am your dying sun (the light thats dying). Clenching, breathing, dying. I am failure, I name you destroyer, I name you corrupter. Destroyer.